Healthy Middle Eastern Inspired Sandwich

Healthy Middle Eastern Inspired Sandwich

Packed with protein, fibre and nutrients yet a light fresh sandwich with layer upon layer of flavour

25 mins   Moderate    Serves up to 6


•    Jason’s Grains & Seeds Ciabattin 
•    Low Fat Houmous 
•    Zhoug
•    Sumac 
•    Pomegranate Molasses
•    1 x Butternut Squash 
•    2 x Red Peppers 
•    1 x Large red onion
•    Preserved lemons 
•    Olives 
•    Pomegranate seeds 
•    Mint / Flat leaf Parsley / Dill
•    Watercress
•    Olive oil 


1.    Dice 1 x butternut squash and slice 2x red peppers, drizzle with olive oil and roast in the oven at 180c for 20 minutes 

2.    Slice red onion and tumble with 1tsp of sumac and 1tbsp of Pomegranate Molasses with a glug of olive oil and roast at 180c for 20mins

3.    Mix salad together keeping herb leaves whole and slice the olives. Remove the centre of the preserved lemon and fine dice ½ a lemon skin


1.    Base -  Jason’s Grains & Seeds Ciabattin
2.    Houmous
3.    Zhoug drizzle
4.    Roasted Butternut Squash
5.    Roasted Red peppers
6.    Pomegranate Red onion 
7.    Herb and preserved lemon salad (flat leaf parsley, mint, dill, fine dice preserved lemon peel and a few sliced olives with watercress)
8.    Pomegranate seeds
9.    Houmous
10.    Lid – Jason’s Grains & Seeds Ciabattin