Jason's French Toast 

Jason's French Toast 

Jason’s Ciabattin has been referred to as the crumpet bread - this is why it makes such amazing French Toast, as it holds so much of the custard. 

10 Mins Easy Serves 2  


•    Jason’s White Ciabattin 
•    Unsalted Butter
•    6 eggs
•    125ml Double Cream
•    1 tsp  Orange Zest
•    1/4 tsp Ground Cinnamon
•    1/4 tsp Fresh Ground Nutmeg
•    Strawberries 
•    Raspberries 
•    Blueberries 
•    Maple Syrup or Honey 
•    Icing Sugar 


1.    Combine the eggs, double cream, orange zest, cinnamon and ground nutmeg in a shallow wide dish.

2.    Dip the slices of bread into the egg mixture allowing them to soak on both sides. 

3.    Transfer each piece to a hot pan with a knob of butter and cook until golden brown on both sides, about 3 minutes per side. 


1.    Plate the French Toast and sprinkle with fresh fruit of your choice
2.    Drizzle with maple syrup and for that restaurant finish, dust with a bit of icing sugar