Proper Nutritious Korean Style Turkey Sandwich

Proper Nutritious Korean Style Turkey Sandwich

Not for the faint hearted, this high protein sandwich will satisfy you post work-out and give your tastebuds a workout too, all whilst aiding your digestion

10 mins Moderate Serves 1


•    Jason’s Superb Sprouted Grains Sourdough 
•    1x Cucumber 
•    1x Carrot 
•    Rice Vinegar
•    Caster Sugar
•    2x Eggs
•    Spring Onions
•    Black Sesame seeds
•    Crispy Fried onions
•    Mayonnaise 
•    Gochujang paste 
•    Coriander 
•    Smoked Turkey slices 
•    Pre-made Kimchi 


1.    Pickled Carrot - Mix a couple of tablespoons of sugar with rice vinegar then add carrot slices. Best pickled overnight – this will last in the fridge for a week 

2.    Omelette - we made a two-egg omelette with sesame seed, spring onion and crispy fried onions but you can add whatever you like. Your omelette can be precooked and kept chilled.
3.    Gochujang mayo - if you like it hot go with Gochujang straight up, otherwise mix 1 tsp of gochujang with 3tbsp of mayo - this will last in the fridge for a week 

1.    Base – Jason’s Superb Sprouted Grains – Low GI, Gut friendly
2.    40 – 50g Kimchi - Great for your gut and will help with digestion 
3.    6-8 slices of Pickled Carrot – Rich in Cartenoids
4.    2x slices 50g Smoked Turkey – High in protein, low in fat & calories
5.    ½ Your Omelette – Super high in protein & Omega 3
6.    4 pieces of Cucumber – Great source of fibre
7.    4-6 Coriander sprigs – Full of antioxidants
8.    20g Gochujang mayo – Packed with nutrients 
9.    Lid – Jason’s Superb Sprouted Grains